The Rural Development Company is inviting Contractors

to Pre-Selection for Fiscal Year 2023-2024

Upon completion, deliver all documents to RDC’s Head Office.

*Notice: The “Closing Date for Submission” for the following contracting services, “Bridges”, “Drains”, “Landslips”, “Markets”, “Roads”, “Roads & Drains” and “Recreational Grounds”, are being extended to Wednesday 27th of March 2024, 4:30pm.

*NOTICE: All previous registered contractors are required to participate in the RDC’s pre-selection process for the following lines of Business in accordance with OPR’s guidelines.

Line of BusinessLine of Business UNSPS Code
Bridges Construction and Repair Service 72141107
Drain System Construction Service 72141205
Highway and Road Paving Service 72141103
Highway and Road Resurfacing Service 72141104
Park and Garden Construction and or Remodelling Service 72141129
Parking Lot or Road Maintenance or Repairs or Services 72103301
Playground Construction and Equipment Installation Services 72153103
Public Changing Room and Shower Facility Services 95121714
Retaining Wall Construction Service 72152707
Sidewalk Construction and Repair Service 72141105
Sidewalk or Ramp Construction Services 72152705
Single Family Home General Remodelling Service 72111002
Markets 95121507