Welcome to the Rural Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited. Empowering communities, fostering sustainable growth, and creating lasting impact in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Roads and Drains

Executing roads and drainage works to better develop communities.

Bridges and Landslips

Facilitating the coordination and oversight for the construction of bridges and retaining walls.

Development of Parks, Pavilions and Recreational Facilities

Fostering community development by constructing and refurbishing recreational and sporting facilities.

Special Projects

We also provide services in transforming and upgrading Trinidad's historical buildings and sites.

Who We are

The Rural Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (RDC) is a Special Purpose State Enterprise established in 2005 to provide project management services.

RDC operates under The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government to develop the necessary infrastructures, utilities and social/community facilities.

Rural Development Company of Trinidad & Tobago


To establish Rural Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited as an efficient, effective and responsible developer of infrastructure, utilities and social facilities to the rural communities of Trinidad.


Rural Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited is dedicated to being a leader in the provision of essential infrastructure and social facilities for an improved quality of life to the rural communities through the efficient and expeditious planning, implementation and completion of projects in compliance with health, safety and environmental standards and international best practice.

We achieve this through value, transparency and quality services as the company’s foundation upon which the Board of Directors, Management, staff, communities and other stakeholders will continue to build.

Core Principles

The company is committed to adhering to the following core principles in the conduct of its business:

  • To provide essential and modern infrastructure and social facilities to encourage social and economic activities (agriculture, fishing, manufacturing services) in the respective communities.
  • To ensure the widest participation and deepen the consultative process with all stakeholders in the selection and execution of development projects throughout the various communities.
  • To promote social and economic sustainable development as a platform for long term development and reduction in poverty.
  • To engage and develop small and medium sized contractors from rural communities in executing projects to assist in employment opportunities in these communities.
  • To preserve the culture, the environment and heritage of the rural communities as development projects are executed.
  • To create a safe and satisfying work environment for employees through a process of engagement, assessment and rewards for excellent performance.
  • To promote and maintain Good Governance in the operations of the Company in accordance established rules and regulations

Our governing principles serve as the foundation for the company’s operation and decision-making process. By adhering to these principles, RDC strives to ensure that its projects and operations are efficient, effective, transparent, and deliver value to the rural communities it serves, while also preserving the environment and prioritizing the health and safety of its staff and communities. These principles are accountability, environmental preservation, health & safety, integrity, standards, transparency, stakeholder engagement and value.

Featured Projects

Improving Our Communities

Hope Cottage

Retaining Wall Project

Arima Market

Special Projects

Farm Road

Road Paving